Smiths Night at Danny's 11.27.07
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The Hideout 11.27.07
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So, last night, I went to a MyOpenBar event for the sole purpose of taking pictures getting drunk.

It ended up that the whiskey of the evening tasted like urine so I only had a sip of it (fine, I had a whole cup) and the interesting people I wanted to capture were few and far between.

Don't get me wrong, I still had a good time.

Though, I think the evening was geared more toward middle-aged men (or men in general) that likes his drink to taste "manly" and less toward the 'twenty-something' gal that only drinks things with 'tini' in the suffix...just a guess.

In my non-drunken stupor, I unknowingly (but soon found out) that I only took pictures of people that would take the stage that night. I think I fell in love with all three of them.


Jason Trachtenburg of The Trachtenburg Family is like Rick Moranis' weirdly hotter, younger (or older) brother.


Andrew Andrew MC'ed the event. They are two fellows, both with the name Andrew, that have been dressing alike for the last 10 years. I was tempted to ask Andrew to marry me but I think Andrew would have gotten pissed.

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Hi friends,

I think my 1990's point and shoot has finally seen its last picture...sigh

I am going to borrow one for a minute so I can continue to bring you pretty pictures. In the mean time, if you love The MidWasteland, you will donate $1 dollar (or whatever) to the cause so that I could get one of those big-ass, fancy things.

Maybe when I get my new camera people will finally take me seriously! Though, I don't think that will have anything to do with me, but more so for the fact that they wont have to stand there for 2 minutes while my camera warms up anymore.

Thanks for the support!!



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A Night at The Metro
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I spent an evening with my good friends, Maps & Atlases at their Metro show with Men, Women and Children, Nurses and RX Bandits.

Not only was it a hell of a good time (and by good time I mean buckets of free Stella and balcony access) but I got to take fun pictures of cute stylish boys in the bands.

Yes, this is a hard job but someone's got to do it.

Click on the links above and give a listen to each one of these bands. You'll realize that these boys are not just a bunch of pretty faces they're also extremely talented musicians.

Have I ever steered you wrong before?

Dave from Maps & Atlases

Mike from Russian Circles

Aaron from Nurses

Eskell Opening Party - 11.03.07
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It couldn't get much better...babes, (free) booze, cute clothes(on sale!) and catering by Mr. Tamales.

Eskell's opening party was so much fun. In case you missed it, here's the scene...


Great fall look: tweed blazer, big cat belt buckle & blue leather boots. The Catholic school girl in me loved the charm necklace accoutered with a St. Christopher medal and Italian horn...brings me back to my south side days.


Cute, that 's it. Just plain cute!


You know it's getting cold outside when you see someone wearing two sweaters, AT ONCE. This fella was channeling a total New England vibe with his cardigan and boat shoes, which I love. His mini ponytail was just icing on the cake.


Um, seriously, don't you love this poncho?!
Belt + Mexican poncho + black tights = fabulosity(that's not a real word but we can pretend). I've said it time and time again, Accessorize. Take note gals!


Do I need to say anything here?

Milwaukee Ave. II.
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