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It's a rarity in the Chicagoland area to see trends from the runway come to life...

[image via everyoneisfamous]

...even if it isn't the best runway trend, it was worth the effort.

Betsey Johnson SP 08 Collection

On the Street: East Village
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In town for a show, these nice Irish kids were lost en route to the vintage shops on Milwaukee Ave. in Wicker Park.

I was glad to point them in the right direction.


Laura Murphy

Brian Murphy

Style Icon: Hitler and Eva
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I found this weird couple somewhere...

He kept forcing me to take pictures of his "Hitler mustache" and I'm pretty sure she kept hinting for me to take noodz of her in the bathroom.

I secretly liked her 90's black-stonewash jumper (c'mon you know you had one too!) with the candy striper top. Kinda girly, kinda quirky and maybe a little slutty all at the same time.



Trend: Where the Wild Things Are
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Remember last year when you'd go to a party and every guy in the place was wearing a weird wolf t shirt that looked like it came straight off some creepy truck driver's back.

Yea, that's over. Fall 07 is all about big cats.

Sounds purrr-fect to me! (I'm sorry that pun was totally uncalled for...but the sick cat lady inside me couldn't resist.)

He ripped off his scarf, completely unprompted, to show me the tigers.
One of the many things that I don't need, yet incessantly collect, is scarves and this one would've fit nicely in my collection. Unfortunately, he was nice so I couldn't steal it from him.

"Why the hell is this giraffe hanging out with two cheetahs?", he asked.
"Um, I don't know and I really don't care", I answered.

I loooooove this little vest!

(Sub)urban Style
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Remember when you were a kid and you used to go to that one place "in the city" where you could get your dog collars, bowls, condoms, and non-mall clothes?

For Chicago, that used to be "Clark and Belmont" but as time goes on, whether we like it or not, Wicker Park has become that place. Back in the day, all the suburban kiddies would load into that ONE-friend-with-a-license's car and drive into the city to spend a day smoking cigarettes and stocking up on all the weird shit their parents didn't want them to have.

This youngin' loves a nice flat brim and a fresh pair of kicks.

Even the monkey is pissed off at the world.