The Hideout 11.27.07
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So, last night, I went to a MyOpenBar event for the sole purpose of taking pictures getting drunk.

It ended up that the whiskey of the evening tasted like urine so I only had a sip of it (fine, I had a whole cup) and the interesting people I wanted to capture were few and far between.

Don't get me wrong, I still had a good time.

Though, I think the evening was geared more toward middle-aged men (or men in general) that likes his drink to taste "manly" and less toward the 'twenty-something' gal that only drinks things with 'tini' in the suffix...just a guess.

In my non-drunken stupor, I unknowingly (but soon found out) that I only took pictures of people that would take the stage that night. I think I fell in love with all three of them.


Jason Trachtenburg of The Trachtenburg Family is like Rick Moranis' weirdly hotter, younger (or older) brother.


Andrew Andrew MC'ed the event. They are two fellows, both with the name Andrew, that have been dressing alike for the last 10 years. I was tempted to ask Andrew to marry me but I think Andrew would have gotten pissed.

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Brian Kravets said...

haha, the andrew andrew thing is funny. and your blog is ALWAYS interesting...