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Just so you know, we're still the same old MidWasteland, we've just decided to add a few new features like local style news, personal styling services, and a boutique, with more fun stuff being added each day.

Also, I am always looking for designers and contributors, so if you or someone you know is interested, send me an email: monica[at]themidwasteland.com

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New Format!
The MidWasteland
Chicago's Street Style and Fashion Blog

Just wanted to let everyone know that The MidWasteland Street Style Blog (themidwasteland.blogspot.com) is moving to www.themidwasteland.com soon...which is why I haven't posted in a while.

The new site is going to be great. I hope you all love it!

P.S. - Check out this week's Time Out Chicago to read a little blurb about me and The MidWasteland.

Thursday 01.24: Tune into Airraid.net!!
The MidWasteland
Chicago's Street Style and Fashion Blog

Hey Y'all!

Tune in to Air Raid TODAY - 01.24.08 - at 11AM CST to put a voice to my words.

I'll be talking to my girl, ex girlfriend about fashion, street style, music and whatever else comes up.

(Shew, when you get me and ex girlfriend in the same room you know shits gone' get buck!)

Hit us up on AIM at AirRaidRadio to ask questions, tell us how cute we are (there's a live video stream too!) or request a song.


When Bad Clothes Happen to Good People II: Faux Pas Extrordinaire
The MidWasteland
Chicago's Street Style and Fashion Blog

When I found out Malibu rum was having a free drink event I was totally there (because I'm a total whore for free alcohol). When I looked back at the flyer I realized that Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy Pete was hosting and thought, "Oh no, this is going to be interesting".

Annnd, I was totally right.

The event turned out to be a wannabe Stoli Hotel with hour long drink lines and bad music.

To top it off, everyone there was dressed, um, pretty bad (to say the least). Even the host himself was wearing one of those Middle Eastern scarves that were popular like three seasons ago!

For some reason I never seem to learn that nothing comes without a price tag (especially free booze).





Snowball @ The Co-Prosperity Sphere
The MidWasteland
Chicago's Street Style and Fashion Blog

When I was a young girl growing up in Bridgeport the streets ran rampid with "gang bangers" and "hillbillies" which, at the time, was just the way of life until my (then) best friend's brother was killed just blocks from my home. (That's when my parents decided that we would move it on up...)

Now that I've grown up, I realize that Bridgeport wasn't normal; it was a breeding ground for hatred and racism. I guess that's why it's a little hard for me to grasp how, not more than 12 years later, my sketchy little Irish/Italian neighborhood has become "The community of the Future".

The title is a tongue-in-cheek reference coined by the people over at indie arts and culture rag, Lumpen Magazine, who also house their headquarters/art space, "The Co-Prosperity Sphere", in up-and-coming hood.

Last week, the space hosted Snowball, a fundraiser for Version, their annual spring arts fest. The event had everything you could ever want: live music, 80's karaoke and a wild spaceship ride in the basement (...the ride alone was worth the 7 dollar entry fee).

While I'm sure the lifelong residents aren't really happy about the influx of coffee shops, condos and art kids, I think this is a really positive change for the neighborhood. I hope that other Chicagoans feel the same way or at least make an effort to see what a real "artsy" neighborhood should look like.

I will say that Bridgeport is probably the poor man's Wicker Park (now) but like the kids said, albeit jokingly, it is truly going to be THE community of the future.

Here's what you missed/have to look forward to...














Feliz Año Nuevo!
The MidWasteland
Chicago's Street Style and Fashion Blog

It's been two weeks since the new year has begun and I am finally putting up pictures from the party I went to.

(If I believed in resolutions, I would probably resolve to post in a more timely manner but I don't so you're kind of out of luck...)

This year, like most others, I dodged the overpriced party scene and frugally rang in 2008 at People Projects, a local art/music space. I drank cheap champagne til' the wee hours and hung out with great friends, it was awesome.

Here are some pictures from throughout the night...


Adorable, even with tape on her fames.


Oh, Michael!


You may remember the girl on the right for her role as Hitler's other half but I think, from this day forward, she'll be better known for being one of the NYE poncho twins.

All jokes aside, ponchos are the shit!

I have three, none of which are as elaborate as the above, but I wear them to death and I owe the inspiration for my obsession to a girl I spotted at the Eskell opening party with a really cute one on.


I love him for many reasons but the fact that he always coordinates his headband with his outfit is high on the list.


A housecoat with big, black boots makes me feel awkward.

It looks like she's hiding something really sexy under her grandma's nightgown which is a little weird to me.

Take away all the black and I think this would be a really cute dress...for spring (i mean, summer and belted).

Walter Meego's Going Away Party
The MidWasteland
Chicago's Best Street Style and Fashion Blog

Walter Meego, a Chicago "experimental" music duo, had their going away party at the new hipster hotspot, The Burlington in Logan Square.

The duo is comprised of Colin Yarck (who I had a crush on in 10th grade which I think he still believes to be true) and Justin Sconza.

The two have decided to move on from their beautiful city to the land of tiny bitches with feathers in their hair and long-haired dudes in ironic clothes aka L.A to further their music career (I think).

Whatever they're there for, I think they'll fit right in and have a blast.