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Wow, I can't fucking believe it...
I got tagged as a Rockin' Girl Blogger!

This blows my mind because I haven't won an award since the "Class Clown" honor was granted to me during senior superlatives and before that, "The Best Map Reader Award” in second grade. So as you can see, I haven't been on a hot streak.

Ashley from Stylesightings graciously presented me with this awesome accolade. It was an honor to receive the badge from Ashley because I am a huge fan of her blog. Her quirky taste and great sense of humor make Stylesightings fun to read. If you don't know Stylesightings yet, you need to stop what you're doing and book mark that shit. I promise you'll be hooked upon first read.

Here's my badge:

Chicago Nights III.
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Dress: Vintage( It was her mom's!)
Suuuuuper Cute!!! Who doesn't love duckies and clouds?!

Dress: Vintage
The Paisley Brocade + Emerald Green combo
make for a really cool jumper!

Back to Basics.
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Let's be honest; black is always the new black.

Every season a slew of "it" colors come out to play for a while, yet not one has ever stood up against black (…though, I'm more of a brown-kinda-gal, myself).
It's just that black is nearly impossible to fuck up which makes it easy to use as your go-to shade any night of the week.

Here, a few friends and I prove that point quite nicely.

Vest: American Apparel Solid Rib Vest
Pants: American Apparel Slim Slacks
Shoes: Chuck Taylor High Tops
Bag: American Apparel Vinyl Duffle Bag
Street Art: "North Ave. Spot" by: Panda

Shirt: American Apparel Deep V
Pants:Cheap Monday's
Shoes: Swear

Shirt: Ben Sherman
Tie: Brooks Brothers
Pants: American Apparel Slim Slacks
Shoes: Payless
Street Art: Grapefruit by: The Grocer

Tank: American Apparel U Neck
Pants: AG Jeans
Shoes: Enzo Angiolini
Bag: Vintage Gucci
Hat: Vintage
Accessories: Vintage , Cameo & Whistle
Street Art: The Infamous Wicker Park Rain Clouds by Sleep In

Babes on Bikes I.
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Sometimes a bike is the only accessory you need.


Tangerine + Chartreuse

**Calvin Klein Glasses * Leather/Jelly Bracelet Combo**

Smells Like Teen Spirit.
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Zoë - Age 16

Seeing Zoë brought me back to the days of yore when I was a flannel-clad, blue haired preteen.

Back in 1994, I worshipped the ground Kurt Cobain (R.I.P) walked on, kept a scrapbook of Billie Joe’s magazine covers and made up dance routines to Offspring songs (I’m sorry, that one should have stayed a secret). My music reveries were only the half of my teen angst years.

The other half was consumed by the hours I spent ransacking thrift stores for unique and expressive clothing. Vintage baby tees, all things valour and oversized men’s pants (that I cinched with a flag football belt!) were a few of my favs. Um, wait I should mention that straighteners weren’t invented yet, I had braces and I thought it was okay to wear a shade of lipstick called, “Iced Mocha”.

Yea, I could go on forever but you get the idea. I was a gawky preteen who wasn’t afraid to take risks. I saw that in Zoë so I couldn’t help but take her picture.

I immediately knew this girl was young. Her presence emitted a youthful, sense of innocence. You know, it’s the same kind of innocence that let us leave the house in cinched 40’ waist pants or maybe, cut the “high top” off of our $200 Doc Marten’s (yep, I was insane).

Then I asked the ultimate question.
“So, what kind of music do you listen to?”
And to my satisfaction she answered, “Alternative”.

Yep, we've all been there.

Fall Back Forward! III. - Girls
Glamorama 2007

On to the main event...

On the runway at Glamorama 2007 were looks from Marc Jacobs, Just Cavalli, Donna Karan, Temperley London, Calvin Klein and Alberta Ferretti. The shapes, the accessories, AND the colors were impeccable. I can't wait to get the knock offs at Forever 21.

I think I was so impressed with these looks due to the late 80's/early 90's influence I saw in every collection. Those were the weirdest most memorable years in my wardrobe's history.

Sometimes, I look in the mirror and I wonder why my outfit feels so familiar. Maybe it's because I already wore it in 1989. Man, I was one hip seven year old!

A few of my favs from the show:

The Shapes.
*Boxy * Cinched Waist * Straight * Bubble * Pleats*
*Ruffles * Mini * Midi * "Heart Shape"*

The Accessories.
* Thin Belts * Short Colored Gloves * Bonnets* Opaque Black Tights*
*Hats, Hats and more Hats! * Clutch Purses * Bows*

The Colors.
*Monochromatic * Black/Black * Black/Electric Blue*
*Purple * Mustard *Orange * Metallics*

Fall Back Forward! II. - Boys
Glamorama 2007

I know that MOST of The MidWasteland readers are women so if you aren't a man OR you just don't care about men's fashion, sit back and enjoy the eye candy. My pictures do these models no justice; they were so much hotter in person.

This fall, men's fashion is ALL about the accessories. Hmm, sounds familiar! We will see everything from hats (yep, they're still here) to red leather jackets a la Michael Jackson.

Here's a list of some things I liked from the show:

Davey Crockett hat * Red Leather

Bow Ties * Slim Black Ties

Black Frame/"Nerd" Glasses
* Suspenders

Fur *
Puffy Vest

Thick Cable Knit

Fall Back Forward! I.
Glamorama 2007

In Chicago, it's rare that we that we have noteworthy fashion events but last week I had the opportunity to attend Glamorama, one of the few in that category. Glamorama is Macy's fall fashion preview/charity event that is not only noteworthy but NYC worthy as well. This year's show had a Wild West meets haute couture theme suitably named, "The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful".

I wasn't sure what would be in store for me when I was invited to attend the mid day dress rehearsal but on arrival I was pleasantly surprised. Streaming pictures of cowgirls on the big screen, a countdown to the show and upbeat club jams let me know that I was in for something spectacular.

Diamonds & Pearls.
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As 20-something fashionistas the only things on our minds are the September issue of Vogue, what colors are in for fall and how we're going to afford our credit card bill after that new pair of Louboutons.

As time goes on, those things become less important and we begin to care more about fashionable strollers instead of shoes and Botox instead of bare minerals...or do we?

Today I spotted two geriatric fashion plates that made me hope I still value my personal style in 50 years as much as I do today.

First of all, she had crimped hair and second of all she had a (fake) diamond studded, Chanel choker on - I love that idea.

Honestly, I know this lady is off her rocker but in person she is a total show stopper.
Her hair was cut to perfection and straight out of the 20's.
I fucking LOVE pearls so I thought her choker was awesome.
I know, I know, her sweater coat is a little wild but I think it fit her personality.


Obviously, I meet a lot of people on the street, some rude and some nice. Most of the time, people wonder why I'd even want to take their picture but these two women had no qualms. They started to pose the minute I came up to them. To me, THAT IS STYLE.

I can're not from around here.

Let me start by admitting that I have ADD.
In any given conversation, my eyes and mind never stop wondering to the next best thing.
So, with that in mind, I was in mid conversation, doing my ADD driven environment scan, when I saw a guy walking toward my friend and I.

In the matter of seconds I thought to myself, "Is that Gideon Yago? No, it can't be. Where is he any way? That guy is definitely not from around here."

I rudely interrupted my friend to yell, "Hey! You! Yea, YOU!”

The guy stops and I ask to take his picture. When he agreed, my second question was, "Where are you from?" He bashfully answered, "Melbourne".

Just as I suspected, he’s foreign. The good ones usually are.

Louie -Melbourne, Australia
The Look:
Graphic Band T.
Perfectly baggy trousers.
Old school Adidas 'Shell Toes'.

I'm not one for graphic OR band T's but I think this is adorably hilarious.

Chicago Nights II.

Exploded Floral
This floor length, muu muu dress was her grandma's.
Vintage is fun when it's a find but it's even better when it's a hand me down.

Modern Dutch Girl
Cropped flaxen do', Tweed mini shorts & knee highs make her a modern Heidi.
The safety whistle is my favorite touch.
I thrifted a gold whistle on a super long chain. I wear it everywhere.

Letter from the Editor

Dearest MidWasteland readers,

I wanted to take this time to let you know how special you are.
This blog would not have survived to its one month anniversary if it wasn't for the loyal readers it has attained in that time. Because this blog depends on you, I would love to hear your opinions -the good, the bad and the ugly!- about the content on The MidWasteland.

Look to the right side of the screen. See those two little buttons under "ABOUT THE MIDWASTELAND"? Those buttons tell me that I have readers in Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, and the UK...just to name a few! That means, I know you are out there and reading, so let me know what you think.

In case you didn't know, you can click on any blog title and scroll down to "Post a comment" and say whatever you want, whenever you want!

Let's make this a community!



Hit or Miss?

An eye catching vintage dress with a great silhouette and beautiful print.
It's just unfortunate that she didn't wear a belt over that unsightly elastic band and maybe a simple wedge or flat.

Just my opinion.

What do you think?

Dress: Vintage (eBay)

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Bikes Rock.

Rolling back into town this week is the
7th annual Bicycle Film Fest.
The kick off party was held at Town Hall Pub.
Cute, sweaty bike kids all over the place.

Asher from The Glamour rockin' the all over print.

Mona Lisa added a lil' sum sum to this otherwise shapeless tube dress.

Bangin'! You know I loved those white boots!