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Since I take the majority of my pictures in Bucktown/Wicker Park/Logan Square area, I decided to challenge myself and venture north, to Lincoln Park and Wrigleyville, where college sweatshirts and khakis abound.

After two hours of browsing shops on Armitage and power walking down Clark, I found this wee little art student baring the brisk lake breeze in her most-likely-H & M garb and thrifty accessories.

I promise I'll try harder next time...


Hot Deal! Eskell
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Hi friends,

Just wanted to give you a little inside tip:

While I was out on the street, searching for Chicago's most interesting faces, I stumbled upon a great deal for my Chicago readers at one of Wicker Park's newest boutiques, Eskell !

The hip boutique, full of totally cute dresses, sexy high rise jeans and awesome vintage wares(my fav) has offered us 10% off of all purchases or 20% off of purchases over $150 at their opening party on November 3rd.

I am thanking the heavens that this boutique, formerly stationed in Lincoln Park, has transcended the bro/trixie epicenter of the windy city and moved into my very own neighborhood.

To take advantage of the deal, print off the flyer below and mention The MidWasteland.



It's that time of year again...
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Here in Chicago we bypassed Fall, thanks to that asshole, global warming, and have blown straight into the beginnings of a ridiculous winter.

Fear not, that just means we're one step closer to 'Beard Season'. Yummm-y!


On the Street: Michigan Avenue
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This is my idea of style...
  • Pearl Earings
  • Black Ray Bans
  • White Button Down
  • Ginormous Scarf
  • Big, Gold Watch
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Black Sigerson Morrison Boots



P.S.- This picture was taken on the same corner that The Sartorialist [click the link & scroll all the way down] shot his two Chicago style photos.

The (now) seasoned trendspotter stated, when blogging about his Windy City excursion, "Overall though it was a bit disappointing. I grew up going to chicago for my first real taste of chic so I wanted to capture some of that but I guess you can't go home again."

Maybe you should look harder next time, buddy.

Gen Art Fresh Faces in Fashion - Chicago
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Gen Art's Fresh Faces in Fashion - Chicago
The Show
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I had the honor of attending Gen Art's Fresh Faces in Fashion show. Gen Art, is a non profit dedicated to promoting emerging artists, filmmakers and fashion designers. Fresh Faces is credited to launching designers Zac Posen, Rebecca Taylor and Chaiken. This year the line up included: Abigail Glaum-Lathbury, Apparatchik, Biasline by Soo Choi, Dieter Bennet, Moire Conroy, Nora Marcella, and Wrath Arcane.

I was so excited to go to this show because I hadn't been back since 2003. Back then I was a lowly intern that fetched Starbucks and answered phones and all I had to show for it was a load of free champaign and some makeup samples (okay, so it wasn't half bad!)

In the last 4 years the show has gone from a small theater to a tent(a-la-fashion week) in Millennium Park. I was blown away at how professional and elaborate the show has become.

Here are a few pics from the show.

Museum of Contemporary Art
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P.S- Friends, I'm sorry for the lack of posts. I have thrown blogging to the wayside for another project I am working on. I started writing for an online luxury publication, The L Report. I will be reporting on independent fashion and events which in turn means more fashion goodness on The MidWasteland! I promise it will get better once I learn how to balance the two. Thanks for reading!!!

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P.S.- I saw something similar on the runway in the Sept. 07 Elle.
Does anyone have it or know what I'm talking about?
Let me know I want to show the comparison...


Thanks to an old friend, who was nice enough to steal the 7LB issue of Elle (from a salon in L.A.) and send it to me, I found out that the similar sweater is by Moschino.

Check out the resemblence. Weird, huh?

Is anything original anymore?

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Bow Knows II.
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She was not interested in cooperating with me but I wasn't gonna let that bow get away. I think I wore this dress to my kindergarten graduation.

I bet she was pondering why the hell that bow was so big.