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You know him best for being in Kill Hannah, I know him best for his weird taste in gloves.


If you build it, they will come...
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Evilolive, usually full of suburban meatheads and eurotrash, was jam packed full of the city's hipster elite for the 'Booty Up' pre-Christmas bash.

Kids in stone washed denim, Cosby sweaters and intentionally mismatched outfits juked their hearts out ‘til 4 a.m. to music provided by Autobot, Zebo and MY!GAY!HUSBAND!

This was, by far, the best time I have ever had at Evilolive. I 'm sure if they keep booking good DJ’s this will be the spot. Which for me means, that after a night out dancing, I can pick up my 2 a.m. burrito from Pasadita and be home in my sweat suit in less than 10 minutes.





I like this dress, a lot, but I think she got lost and ended up at the wrong bar.

Leather Clad Couple
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Pin Stripe Suit
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Who doesn't love a man in a suit?


Saturday Morning Coffee
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I know some of you out there will get on my ass because this woman isn't wearing big glasses or something neon but I really don't care.

I took her picture for a couple of reasons. One, I thought it was nice to see someone out on a Saturday morning getting their Starbucks in a classy, put-together outfit as opposed to stretch pants and friday night's makeup (i.e.- me) and two, I'm a total bag whore and I love that boxy, patent leather bag!

Agree? Disagree?


Venus Magazine: Winter Issue Release Party
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At Venus Magazine's Winter Issue release party, the season was in full effect all night. Fashion conscious Chicagoans pulled out their finest outerwear and cold-weather accessories to profess their personal-style efforts, despite the snowfall.


Boys-about-town were spotted winterizing their ensembles with 'grandpa cardigans', ties and my favorite, the winter beard.

The fellow above is the perfect example of what you'll see a Chicago guy sporting in the winter months.


This girl got the fur trend right with the oversized, faux fur collar on her vintage jacket. (I opted for a faux fur cape this season)

You hippies can hate fur all you want but you can’t deny the demureness it gives the woman wearing it. Obviously, I'm not going to run off to Adriana Fur to feel the warmth and luxury but I will go to H & M or a thrift store for a budget/animal friendly option and you should too!


The best way to stand out from the crowd in the pitch white of winter is by wearing outerwear with a pop of color. I love, love, love red in the winter and by winter I mean, all year long!


Also, if you’re really cold this winter, you can take a cue from the gal above and 'double-scarf'. Hey, we can do that here; it's the Midwest a.k.a the land of excess. (Now that I think about it maybe I should hook her up with the guy from the Eskell party with the 'double-sweater').

See, this goes to show that a little snow shouldn't stop you from looking good on those cold, winter nights!