On the Street: Michigan Avenue
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This is my idea of style...
  • Pearl Earings
  • Black Ray Bans
  • White Button Down
  • Ginormous Scarf
  • Big, Gold Watch
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Black Sigerson Morrison Boots



P.S.- This picture was taken on the same corner that The Sartorialist [click the link & scroll all the way down] shot his two Chicago style photos.

The (now) seasoned trendspotter stated, when blogging about his Windy City excursion, "Overall though it was a bit disappointing. I grew up going to chicago for my first real taste of chic so I wanted to capture some of that but I guess you can't go home again."

Maybe you should look harder next time, buddy.


Erica said...

Hi, nice to see a Chicago street style blog ;o)

You keep it coming, and I'll try to keep the streets interesting!

Brian said...

You forget- The Sartorialist is used to being surrounded by these fashionistas at fashion shows most of us couldn't buy ourselves into. Do I sound a little envious? I love your blog though. This girl's outfit is great. It's simple, casual, and cool. Check out my street style blog (for the Chicago SUBURBS... imagine the sartorialist searching for style there...) at streetstylewheatonstyle.blogpspot.com