Buckle-ing under pressure...
Lollapalooza Festival
August 3rd - 5th, 2007

Three guys, three totally different styles, all looking awesome with
their super cool belt buckles.

Jed from Small Town Talk
Jed has mastered hippie chic right down to the smallest details.
I had to take several shots of Jed to show the depth of his outfit.
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Hal Horowitz
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It was Hal's Woody Allen t shirt that first caught my attention
then I noticed his less than masculine belt buckle.
It looked like a little piece of fine china.
He proudly told me that the belt was his mom's in the 70's.
How cute is that?

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I'm a sucker for religious paraphernalia (on other people).
The belt buckle was hot and the rosaries pulled the theme together.
I could never wear a rosary due to the shear fear of Catholic school flashbacks.

CK IN2U Music Lounge
The Hard Rock Hotel
Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

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