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Let's be honest; black is always the new black.

Every season a slew of "it" colors come out to play for a while, yet not one has ever stood up against black (…though, I'm more of a brown-kinda-gal, myself).
It's just that black is nearly impossible to fuck up which makes it easy to use as your go-to shade any night of the week.

Here, a few friends and I prove that point quite nicely.

Vest: American Apparel Solid Rib Vest
Pants: American Apparel Slim Slacks
Shoes: Chuck Taylor High Tops
Bag: American Apparel Vinyl Duffle Bag
Street Art: "North Ave. Spot" by: Panda

Shirt: American Apparel Deep V
Pants:Cheap Monday's
Shoes: Swear

Shirt: Ben Sherman
Tie: Brooks Brothers
Pants: American Apparel Slim Slacks
Shoes: Payless
Street Art: Grapefruit by: The Grocer

Tank: American Apparel U Neck
Pants: AG Jeans
Shoes: Enzo Angiolini
Bag: Vintage Gucci
Hat: Vintage
Accessories: Vintage , Cameo & Whistle
Street Art: The Infamous Wicker Park Rain Clouds by Sleep In


Anonymous said...

boo, it's andrea.

my pants are cheap mondays and my shoes are swear!

monica! said...

phfeww, good to know!

Adamoda14 said...

Kudos to Jesse for the neckwear.