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I know some of you out there will get on my ass because this woman isn't wearing big glasses or something neon but I really don't care.

I took her picture for a couple of reasons. One, I thought it was nice to see someone out on a Saturday morning getting their Starbucks in a classy, put-together outfit as opposed to stretch pants and friday night's makeup (i.e.- me) and two, I'm a total bag whore and I love that boxy, patent leather bag!

Agree? Disagree?



Anonymous said...

cute! it's great to see pictures on fashion blogs of outfits that just generally look nice, rather than just looking different.

Claire said...

i dig the entire outfit - it's just her hair and makeup that are killing it for me.

heather said...

agree! Why is it that just becuase you wear big glasses and plaid it makes you street stylish? I love to see a well put together lady on the street. Very lovely photo!

The Chicago Girl said...

I am with Claire on this one. It's fefinitely a classy outfit though.